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March 1 Morning Presentations

 Welcome - Josh Bowman, Deputy Director, Division of Construction Management, ODOT & Chris Engle, Director, Public Agencies, OCA
 ODI Remarks - Lauren Purdy, Deputy Director, Division of Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion, ODOT

 Don Conaway Partnering Awards

Category 1 - ODOT D7 and Eagle Bridge
Category 2 - ODOT D3, Great Lakes and EL Robinson
Category 3 - ODOT D6 and Shelly and Sands
Playlist of Award Winners


March 1 Afternoon Presentations

 Late Plan Changes & Effect on Bidding - Ted Wellman, Beaver Excavating, Steve Williams, Shelly & Sands, Josh Carter, Jurgensen, Paul Long, Prus Construction
 Spearin Doctrine & the Doctrine of Economic Waste - Aaron Evenchik, Hahn Loeser & Bill Becker, Ohio AG's Office
 Opportunity Corridor - Julie Meyer, ODOT District 12 & Kerry Hart, Kokosing
 Recent Disputes & Claims - Chase Wells, ODOT
 Safety - Michelle May, ODOT
 Ethics - Tom Pannett, P.E., Esquire, Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter
 Spec Updates (Structures) - David Flood, ODOT
 Spec Updates (Pavements) - Julie Miller, ODOT
 Spec Updates (Geotechnical Specifications) - Steve Slomski, ODOT
 Spec Updates (Hydraulics) - Chuck Kiner, ODOT
 Spec Updates (100 Series) - Clint Bishop, ODOT
 eTicketing, AASHTOWare Project - Eric Kahlig, ODOT
 MOT, Type Barrier, T&R Spec Updates - Becky Wagner, ODOT & Bill Luttmer, A&A Safety
 VECP's & ATC's - Jamie Fink, ODOT


March 2 Presentations

 ODOT Outlook 2022-2023 - Johnathan Heckert, Budget Manager, ODOT
 Turnpike Outlook - Ferzan Ahmed, Executive Director, Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
 Drive Ohio - Howard Wood, Executive Director, ODOT Drive Ohio 
 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill - Jimmy Christensen, Associated General Contractors of America
 Traffic Safety Initiatives - John MacAdam, Program Management Administrator, Division of Planning, ODOT
 Brent Spence Bridge Update - Stefan Spinosa, District 8 Capital Programs Administrator



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