OCA’s Safety Committee recently completed the updating of our Construction Safety Guide for Employees.  The 46-page, pocket-sized booklet (3.5” w x 7” h) is a comprehensive guide to construction safety rules, regulations, and best practices.

The guide is designed for multiple applications by contractors who are striving for the highest levels of employee health and safety.  Some contractors may choose to present the guide to employees at time of hire, or during company training or retraining sessions.  As with past editions, some companies have adopted and used the guide as their company safety policy.  Many OCA members have utilized the guide as part of their employee orientation packet.  Its size permits easy access and use in the field as a handy safety reference, so other contractors have used it as a source of topics for jobsite toolbox talks.  

The 46-page, pocket-sized booklet (3.5” w x 7” h) is a comprehensive guide to construction safety rules, regulations, and best practices.


OCA is mailing a complimentary copy of the guide to all active members, along with an order form.  You can utilize the mail-in form, or you can order on the OCA website.  

We hope you will take advantage of this excellent safety resource and order your supply today.  If you have any questions about ordering the guide, please contact Kim Dillon in the OCA office at (614) 488-0724, or [email protected]


Safety Advocacy

Successful contractors view job-site safety as the most important consideration in daily operations. They take active interest in both the well being and the productivity of their employees. Properly trained and equipped employees are a necessity in the  modern construction environment of competition, regulation, inventive scheduling and social pressures.

Serious accidents and injuries have real-life repercussions on families, friends, communities and co-workers. They pummel morale and bring jobsite production and profitability to a grinding halt. "Willfull" type incidents are gaining more attention from federal and local prosecutors who have the authority to impose criminal charges against supervisors and owners.To help you, OCA offers consultative and hands-on safety, loss control, and workers' compensation services, covering such topics as: 

  • Safety Planning & Research
  • Safety & Loss Control Program Development
  • OSHA Representation from Inspection through Litigation
  • Member Discount Programs for Substance Abuse & Testing*
  • Legislative Input about Safety Laws & Regulations
  • Training, Education & Certification Programs

* OCA is an approved member of the BWC DFWP Consortium

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