Labor Bulletin/Wage Update

The craft wage updates have been posted to the website and are available under Labor/Heavy Highway Agreements section. Craft wages/fringes are set to be updated effective 5/1/23. You can access the update by clicking here and logging into your OCA account. Please be advised that updates for the Teamsters Local 436 and the Carpenters SW Area Zone 1 have not yet been received. The bulletin will be updated and reposted once received.

Please note a new fringe under the laborers designation entitled annuity. The creation of this new benefit was agreed to during 2022 negotiations and begins 5/1/23 at $1.00/hr. Notation for the benefit will be included on your monthly fringe forms and deducted in the same manner as other fringes each month.

Should you have any questions please email Dave Coniglio at [email protected] or by phone at 614-488-0724.