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Your Benefit:              OCA's Group Rating Program Can Reduce Your Bottom Line!

Your Partner:             Sedgwick


The Ohio Contractors Association is a BWC-approved sponsor for group rating of workers compensation insurance coverage.  The main benefit of group rating is a reduction of workers compensation premiums for the participants. 

Our program is available to all OCA members, both Associates and Contractors, and provides two options.  The first is regular group rating and the second is group retrospective rating.  We have teamed up with the finest Third Party Administrator (TPA) for workers compensation in Ohio, Sedgwick, who is prepared to evaluate your company for our program and provide you with an estimate of your premium dollar savings.  To find out more about Sedgwick, OCA’s preferred TPA for workers compensation, please click HERE

We are very confident in the experience and expertise of Sedgwick to administer our group program.  The application and evaluation process is quick, easy, and FREE! That’s obligation.  Simply complete form AC-3, which allows Sedgwick to evaluate your BWC info, and your estimate will follow.   To begin your evaluation, simply click on the following link.   Click to Save $ in OCA Group Rating Program

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Coniglio in the OCA office, or contact our Sedgewick representative directly:

Tony Sharrock
Director Client Services
[email protected]
614-376-5450 (direct)
614-214-2644 (cell)

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