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Training & Education 
Members rely on OCA for industry training, education and professional development for both management and technical staff. Designed to educate, inform and provide opportunities to build relationships with key industry contacts, OCA offerings include the up-to-date training and knowledge critical for member success. Each program is the direct result of member need/interest; contact David Rule with questions or suggestions at [email protected]  Recent offerings include:
OCA Future Leaders Forum Training & Education 

Preparing OCA members for future leadership roles in their companies, OCA's Future Leaders Forum provides an accelerated introduction and education on the working relationship between the transportation infrastructure and state government and agencies, as well as business management. Click here for more details.

ODOT Plan Reading

ODOT Contract Administration

Maintenance of Traffic
Project Management

Alcohol and Drug Policies
Drug-free Workplace
Competent Person
Excavation and Trenching
Work Zone Safety

Backing Safety

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